"About Brian clarke - IndEpendent Funeral Celebrant"

Brian Clarke - Independent Funeral Celebrant

I was born in Birmingham to a working class family & grew up with two older brothers, who eventually left home, leaving me to help my parents at home. My working life had always been involved around the Motor Trade, as you can imagine growing up only a stone's throw from Longbridge and the Austin factory.


My father died in 2001 and after arranging his funeral, I soon realised that this was an area I wanted to work in and when a vacancy came up some months later, I applied for the position of General Funeral Service Operative, with a large family owned Funeral Directors.


I have always been involved with helping people and after securing this position, I found it was everything I thought it would be & more. A great privilege to be allowed into people's lives when they are at their lowest state & to be able to help them.


Working in The West Midlands meant I was dealing with people from all different cultures and beliefs. It was totally different every day.


I then had the opportunity to train as a qualified Embalmer and after studying the subject, which included five written and two practical exams, I qualified in 2007 and became a full member of The British Institute of Embalmers.


After several years I had the chance to join another family owned company who held the contract to carry out funerals for Birmingham and Solihull Social Services. This gave me another view of funerals completely, being that in quite a few services there were only a handful of mourners or indeed none. What really impressed me was that the person conducting the service did just that. EVERYONE was given the same dignity and respect regardless of rank or fortune.


This is why I want to be of service to you, and your loved ones because I am passionate & believe in what I do.


Brian Clarke